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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 29, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. and not again. two new big winter storms taking aim at the hard-hit east coast, still digging out from that monster blizzard. a blast of cold and up to a foot more snow on the way. terror threats. the desperate effort to free isis hostages this morning as a new deadline approaches and here at home the massive effort under way to keep the super bowl safe. >> at that point i was telling him i'd probably be ditching in the water. >> abc news exclusive. for the first time the pilot forced to slash down telling his story. his phone call to his father moments before his plane fell from the sky and the incredible new footage he shot from inside the cockpit. ♪ and one of beverly hills most famous dogs snatched off the treat in broad daylight. who is behind this dognapping
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that have some of hollywood's biggest stars on the hunt. will the real beverly hills cops be able to crack this case? >> you know what that means. >> that was a good movie, "beverly hills cop." hopefully the dog will find its way home. >> this came out of the blizzard up in boston. check out this video. it went wildly viral. the guy shoveling the finish line of the boston marathon. everybody trying to find out who it was. well the snow is -- that has been solved and we'll get into that in a little bit. we'll begin with that new storm on the way, more snow coming for so many already buried under feet of snow from that monster storm and, ginger i know you're tracking it again. >> we have new images. you have to see this from space to see that storm that left all
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of that snow. you can see the nor'easter coming in. the clouds on the right and see the comma that that big old storm moving through at night, so a beautiful image from there. not so beautiful on the ground. i know a lot people from connecticut, nashua new hampshire, more than two feet of snow. so many places still doing this today and unfortunately that's right, robin, we have more coming. freezing rain advisories hundreds of schools closed back in the great lakes. columbus right now, ohio getting into it. cleveland too but look at the winter weather advisories going through new england and maine. that is where the heaviest snow will fall tonight through early tomorrow. for new york for boston it will be much lighter but just a little icing on the cake that nobody really is looking forward to. turning colder too. i can promise you this. it is going to be frigid by the weekend. it'll feel subzero in so many places along the northeast. so things are not warming up. >> we'll have january weather. okay ginger thanks very much. we move to that terror deadline expiring this morning.
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isis threatening to kill more hostages if a failed female suicide bomber is not released. brian ross here with the latest as the drama unfolds. good morning. >> good morning. there's not much time left before the new isis deadline expires. according to a message read by the japanese journalist hostage read online. isis says this 44-year-old convicted terrorist, sajida al rishawi, must be turned over by jordan before sunset today iraqi time or the captured jordanian air force pilot will be executed. >> if sajida al rishawi is not ready for exchange for my life at the turkish border the jordanian pilot will be killed immediately. >> reporter: if the swap goes through, authorities say a dedicated al qaeda terrorist with close ties to the leaders of isis will be set free. authorities say she was a fanatical killer taking part in a 2005 attack in which 60 people were killed many of them
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attending a muslim wedding. authorities fear she will emerge as a terror role model. >> it may lead women who are inspired by her not being a wife or caregiver but an actual murderer. >> reporter: the decision by the king of jordien to negotiate with isis came despite u.s. opposition to any deals with the terrorists. >> we don't give concessions to other -- to terrorist organizations. >> reporter: although the u.s. did carry out a prisoner swap with the taliban last year to get the release of american sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> the u.s. doesn't make concessions to terrorists except occasionally when it does. >> jordan says it will not deliver the woman unless the terrorists provide proof that the pilot is alive and unharmed and so far there's been no such proof with the deadline looming. >> no actual promise from isis to release him even if the trade starts to -- >> very unclear at this point. >> thanks very much. all right, george now to the latest on the airasia flight
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8501 disaster. the lead investigator reportedly saying the less experienced co-pilot was at the controls when the jet started its dangerously fast climb. abc's david kerley is in washington and has been following the story from the very beginning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, so this morning we know the co-pilot was at the controls when this airasia jet started climbing dramatically but then stalled. but the indonesians are still not telling us was this pilot error only or was there something wrong with the airbus jet? pulled from the wreckage the black boxes show that the co-pilot remini emanuel placell was flying, not the pilot who had ten times the am of flying time. 20,000 hours versus 2200 hours. >> should be able to trust your co-pilots. with 2200 hours, he should have been fully qualified and perfectly capable of navigating even through storms. >> reporter: the co-pilot when the jet climbed dramatically three times the normal rate moving from 32,000 feet to
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37,000 feet in just 30 seconds but the jet lost lift. its forward speed stalled falling to the ocean. >> no reason in the world unless something was mechanically wrong this crew should not have been able to recover from a stall. it is not a catastrophic incident. >> reporter: the indonesians say the cockpit voice recorder shows alarm wrsz going off in the cockpit including the one telling the pilots the jet was stalling, something like this. >> stalled, stalled. >> reporter: one report says it is believed the pilot did take over during the wild climb and descent. the nypdindonesians have a pretty clear picture of what happened and provided a 30-day report but not making it public. so they have a pretty clear picture but we don't. this morning we don't know was this only pilot error or did something go wrong with the jet that contributed to the crash? something that could be fixed in the other 4,000 airbus a320s which are flying around the world today, george. >> so more questions to be answered. thanks very much.
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counting down to the super bowl now. more security than ever this year. the latest technology is being deployed to counter possible attacks amid heightened concerns about threats from isis al qaeda and the lone wolves they inspire. pierre thomas is in phoenix with the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. the super bowl is supposed to be about fun and games but law enforcement is planning for every nightmare scenario. those horrific attacks in france very much on the mind of authorities protecting this year's super bowl as thousands of fans pour in. in an exclusive interview inside the stadium, the homeland security secretary warned of a new stage in the fight against terrorism. >> more lone wolf style attacks. more smaller scale attacks. our challenges in homeland security are evolving. we have more concerns about domestic-based acts of violence. >> reporter: while he says there are no specific credible threats against this weekend's game they're prepared to respond by
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any means necessary. this u.s. customs black hawk helicopter part of a fleet of aircraft guarding the super bowl from above. the airspace is restricted so if an aircraft comes too close it's a job for this crew and others to escort it out. also in the air fighter jets like the one i flew in last year. if they do not respond, they will use missiles to shoot them down. law enforcement is now deploying the latest in technology high-tech scanners to search every item comes into the stadium. what are you looking for? >> we're looking for any weapon bombs, weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: katy perry's costume, everything gets checked out. >> her stage came in and have the port ao-potties and paraphernalia, jerseys, everything. >> reporter: for the first time we see what it reveals and they're using x-rays to see everything. look there, he's able to zero in
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and do close-ups hunting for any anomaly. officers will be wearing portable radiation detectors and there will be bomb-sniffing dogs. bottom line police are taking no chances so everyone can have fun. robin. >> every precaution. all right, pierre thank you. now to a major development in the investigation into that deadly fire at a maryland mansion. a faulty electrical outlet sparked the blaze which was fueled by a dry christmas tree. abc's bazi kanani has the latest and joins us this morning from annapolis. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, robin. out here we see christmas decorations still up at the gates of the decimated estate. this morning the grieving family of the children say they hope their immense loss will raise awareness about fire safety and remind us all to cherish our loved ones. this morning, alarming new details about what sparked the devastateing fire at this 16,000-square-foot maryland
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mansion killing tech executive don and sandy pyle and their four grandkids. investigators telling abc news it started with a faulty electrical outlet on the floor right by a 15-foot christmas tree. >> there was combustible material that was on top of the outlet so the tree was connected to the outlet. >> reporter: that christmas tree drying out 60 days after it was cut igniting the inferno in the great room. the family sleeping in rooms nearby. >> the fuel from the christmas tree itself is what created the significant amount of fire and heat. >> reporter: as demonstrated in this fire research video, flames racing through lofty open rooms means plenty of oxygen to fuel the blaze, a growing danger and many modern-style homes. in this case plush furnishings or ornate rugs also proving hazardous. there were smoke alarms in the mansion, but even if the victims heard them there was little
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time to escape. >> the chain of events occurred within two to three minutes. >> reporter: there about 230 christmas tree house fires each year and they are often deadly. the medical examiner has not yet determined the cause of death for the six fire victims but fire experts say most house fires victims die of smoke inhalation and they say that's one of the reasons we should close bedroom doors when we sleep to block out some of the smoke in a fire emergency. robin. >> all right, bazi, thank you. there are no words. now to amy with this morning's other top developing stories. good morning, amy. good morning, everyone. we begin with new concerns about the measles outbreak out west. authorities in arizona are monitoring 1,000 people who may have been exposed including 200 children who have been to an urgent care center in the phoenix area which an infected woman recently visited. so far 95 cases confirmed across these 8 states and mexico most
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in california linked to a disneyland visitor. most of those infected were not vaccinated. dr. richard besser joins us with more on this outbreak. the supreme court has halted three executions in oklahoma because of questions about a drug used in the procedure. among the death row inmates temporarily spared richard glossen who was scheduled to die tonight. critics claim the sedative used by oklahoma and other states is cruel and inhumane. federal reserve policymakers say the economy is growing at a solid pace but will not raise interest rates until the middle of this year. the likelihood of that rate increase triggered a sell-off on wall street wednesday. a reminder millions of americans are not benefiting from the growing economy. new figures show one out of every five children in the u.s. now depends on food stamp that, is nearly twice as many children as before the recession. mitt romney last night called for a national war on poverty while speaking to
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students in mississippi. he did not say whether he is running for president again but he took time to accuse hillary clinton of being, quote, clueless on job growth and foreign policy. well an arsonist is on the loose after he was caught on camera setting a truck on fire. can you see him pouring liquid just moments before that pickup explodes in flames. he then jumps into a getaway van. a car belonging to the owner of that truck was set on fire just last year. well finally they say a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work but not if it turns out like this. take a look as this ice fisherman hooks a fish reels it in gets it out of the water and tries to get the hook out but he can't so he puts the fish down to go get something. he waits till the man leaves look at that and then gets into the hole. but guess what, he takes the fishing pole with him. so that fisherman will not be catching any more fish for the day. oh a little too late. he runs out to get it and goes
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woop right down the hole? smart fish. >> strong fish. >> amy, thanks. we'll move to a wave of smash-and-grab robberies in dallas where thieves are ramming vehicles into stores making off with atms. abc's ryan owens has more on the new steps police are taking to stop these criminals. >> reporter: like this playing out coast to coast, thieves smashing through stores trying to grab the atm. here in dallas it's happened 20 times this month. they hit this nail salon last week. >> this car came back and forth at least seven times at very high speed. >> reporter: dallas business owners have had enough. so have police. they're forming a special task force to deal with the recent rash of smash and grabs. >> a lot of these stores are small convenience stores. they're individual owners trying to run a business. >> reporter: police suspect the bandits might be part of an organized ring because the smash and grabs have all happened between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. in the morning targeting smaller atms
7:15 am
that only weigh a couple hundred pounds and the thieves are gone within 90 seconds. one more thing they all have in common they're almost always caught on tape but here's the problem. all of these thieves are wearing hoods and they're driving stolen vehicles. which they almost always ditch. bandit as cross the shouldn't have a similar m.o. in the last week they hit from portland to des moines to detroit where these two wrap a chain around an atm and make off with 4 grand. in tampa seconds after this smashes through the window the she was have what they came for. in dallas the suspects haven't been so lucky making off with just two of the atms they targeted. but police worry with a crime this violent it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> and they're going to keep going after them because some of these atms can have about $20,000 in them. >> they need gps trackers on those machines and maybe they'd be able to find the criminals. >> a great idea.
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>> okay. >> consultant company right there. >> always doing business. >> you know, one of the images going viral from the snowstorm was this guy shoveling the finish line of the boston marathon. the mystery of who he is has been solved and this morning, he's telling us why he did it. it's the good deed dominating headlines. a single person captured on camera clearing a boston street during tuesday's storm but take a closer look. they're not just shoveling any old road but a special part of the city the boston marathon's finish line. the photos instantly going viral. but the good snow-maritan's identity a mystery. # whoshoveledthefinishline. >> the so-called boston shoveler coming forward. >> it's a strip of paint in the
7:17 am
road but to me it means so much more and didn't want it to be covered by all the snow. >> reporter: 25-year-old chris laudani, a bartender and five-time boston marathoner said he believes this is hallowed ground. >> the greatest place on earth and would never know it by walking by it. it says finish boston marathon but for the people in the race and that live nearby it's so much more than that. >> reporter: to organizers of the marathon commending laudani telling abc news his actions are yet another statement as to what our event means not only to runners but also to americans. >> this is more about the message. we all love the marathon and we all love the city so that's really what it's about. >> well done. >> yeah. it is a strong message that they're sending. >> i don't think anybody will run the marathon in this weather but nice to see it. >> so symbolic. boston strong. >> you need those things when things like that happen. you're heading to arizona. you're heading to arizona. >> can i come? >> for the super bowl.
7:18 am
>> anybody? >> wait till you see the weather. >> so what is the weather going to be like there? >> amy has been looking at her phone going, oh no oh no rain 60s, yes, amy, the rain is coming and look it's all fueled by this tropical moisture. fortunately the rain is coming for tomorrow into friday and then things start to dry out so by the super bowl it will be much drier. can't promise you extreme warmth or anything but, hey, we'll take what we can get. snow up in the higher elevations above 8,000 feet. 8 plus inches and this morning in frosty florida, >> your local forecast 30 seconds away, but first sunny cities brought to you by mazda 6.
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>> reporter: good morning, again, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. nothing showing on storm tracker 6 live double scan. as we head outside it's a cold start across the region. in the distance looking to the west you can see the clouds gathering heading in our direction. we have temperatures in the teens and not a lot of wind. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows high of 35, sun an clouds. tomorrow we have light snow on the way. a coating to an inch in philadelphia, a bit more up north. temperatures plunging tomorrow afternoon. sizing that because -- >> the day i leave it's like 81 and sunny.
7:20 am
>> this inflation of balls works best in rain. >> george. i don't need -- >> i'd expect that from anyone else but you. >> i don't need to be assaulted anymore or twitter. i'm out of it. >> i'm joining you there. >> 70 and dry. does that work? >> 70 and dry works. thank you for moving weather to an earlier day so we can be there when it's warm. an abc news exclusive. the pilot forced to put his plane in the ocean. we'll hear from him and see the footage inside the cockpit. the former nfl player facing serious allegations after claiming workman's compensation and then competing on "survivor." maybe it's time to start your own. kay jewelers presents today's levian collection... featuring exclusive levian chocolate diamonds. including incredible limited edition styles like these. one more reason kay is the number-one jewelry store in america. it's... a work of art? ♪ every kiss begins with kay. ♪
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>> hey, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. 7:26 the cold weather has spawned yet another water main break. let's go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: this is water main break season. this is is by the cheltenham
7:27 am
elementary school. this is at or-- ashbourn road is closed, cruise -- crews are on the scene and it's icy there as well. here we are on the blue route, approaching the schuylkill expressway. we have an accident southbound approaching the schuylkill expressway. report of an accident turnpike westbound approaching virginia drive, as well as we have white marsh valley green road at accident in flower town on bethlehem pike. the accidents are starting to come in, matt. >> let's go live on sky 6 atlantic city, a water temperature, 38.5 degrees. the sun is up over over the horizon. it's cold, 23 degrees in philadelphia. 4 in allentown. # in reading.
7:28 am
these are not windchills these are temperatures. not much wind, fortunately. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast high today of 35. clouds increase during the day. this evening, we'll get light snow, probably a coating to an inch in philadelphia. maybe one to two in the northern suburbs and rain down south. tomorrow, 38. that will be early in the day. temperatures plunge later and saturday looks down right raw. >> president obama will be in philadelphia today to strategize with temperatures, among the stories we're following on "action news" today. #
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good morning, america. right now a new winter storm threatening to dump more snow on the east coast. still buryied from that monster blizzard. >> also right now the pilot forced to ditch his plane in the middle of the pacific telling his survival story. an abc news exclusive. the former nfl player under fire for allegedly exaggerating the disability from his injuries. how his appearance on "survivor" is stirring up trouble. as we do say good morning, america, friday eve. one more alarm clock. almost there. we have all that and we have the story that's trending big this morning. the brazen beverly hills dognapping. snatched right off the street in the middle of the day. >> oh no. >> we'll get to that. we do begin with that pilot who ditched his plane in the middle of the pacific and saw that video, the plane falling from the sky, the parachute
7:31 am
deployed and coast guard capturing it on video and this morning we're hearing from the pilot in an abc news exclusive. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: watching the incredible video, you might wonder what the pilot of this plane saved by a built-in shaar shoot and hurtling towards the pacific ocean is doing inside right about now. this morning in a "gma" exclusive 25-year-old pilot lue morton shows us. he wasn't praying, he was taking a selfie on the way down with his gopro. with the door open you can see the parachute over his head. the life vest around his neck and the ocean closing in. >> it was kind of funny right before that the gentleman from the coast guard is like i do not envy you at all right now. >> reporter: he had been in the air seven hours from california on his way to hawaii when he says the plane suffered some kind of malfunction in the fuel system. he called for help on his satellite phone and then he called his dad. >> the hardest part of the flight was making that phone call. at that point i was told him i'm
7:32 am
probably going to be ditching in the water. >> reporter: did you tell him you loved him. >> it was kind of -- takes on a new meaning, the typical i love you and then all right, well hopefully he'll be able to tell you that again. >> reporter: the coast guard realized he wouldn't make it to land or within rank of a rescue helicopter so they diverted him south of his position to a holland america cruise ship which agreed to help. he circled the ship with his last bit of fuel his heart pounding waiting to pull the airframe shaar shoot system a remarkable standard feature of his cirrus aircraft. >> i felt like i was 5 years old looking down at a high dive all right, here we go. >> reporter: the chute deploys with a controlled explosion. >> you tell yourself what's going to happen and talk yourself through in my head and -- but you're not quite ready. >> reporter: he grabbed his life raft all the while wondering would he be able to get out before the water rushed in. >> there's a lot of thing tlasz
7:33 am
could have gone wrong. if i get my pant leg caught on something as i'm getting out or get a huge swell or something that cascades over the aircraft or rolls it and there's a lot of things. >> reporter: floating in his tiny raft he watched the brand-new plane sink as he waited to be picked up by a boat sent from the cruise ship. a remarkable survival story. all of it without so much as a scratch. >> really gracious in being able to take care of me while i was there. >> you got a bit of a cruise out of it. >> yeah first time on a cruise boat. man, hopefully the last one i drop in on. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> boy, that guy has mastered the pilot's calm demeanor. >> exactly looking inside the cockpit, how calm he was and, wow. my goodness. now to one of the most wanted men in america caught, a successful treasure hunter arrested after two years on the run after being accused of cheating investors out of their share of $50 million. abc's matt gutman has that story for us.
7:34 am
>> reporter: he honed in one of america's richest sunken treasures but tommy thompson london will be holding to court after a two-year international manhunt. >> he utilized a lot of different techniques to evade captures multiple aliases involved. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend alisonant antekeier nabbed after two investors accused him of bilk money they sunk into his historic 1980s expedition. >> know what that is? >> reporter: his team finds the "uss central america" which in 1857 went down with over 21 tons of gold. >> 1855 wass molitor molitor & company -- >> you're kidding. all right. >> reporter: sam donaldson called him on his ship at the
7:35 am
time. >> we estimate that the value could be up to about $400 million. >> reporter: after reportedly selling a portion of the gold artifacts in 2000 for $50 million. investigators say he became a ghost. now his old investors want their share. for "good morning america," matt gutman abc news, miami. >> hiding in boca raton. >> of all the places to hide. time for the weather and ging. >> good morning. record high temperatures anywhere from austin yesterday at 0 to oklahoma city third day in a row that they've had a record and cooler front has come through
7:36 am
55 oklahoma city. 20-some degrees colder. national goes to 58 and new orleans 75. some of the temperatures are 15 degrees above average. remember, all the cold staying in the northeast and it's actually getting colder by the weekend. that's the big picture let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: all right ginger, we have temperatures above average in the southwest. but up here, we're cold and dry. today's high 35. sun and clouds, there will be light snow tonight with a very small accumulation, temple -- temperatures drop tomorrow. # >> that's the truth. thank you, ginger. coming up the latest on that growing measles outbreak. now over a thousand people being monitored and the extreme measures being taken. an abc news exclusive with
7:37 am
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former nfl player being accused of fraud claiming to be seriously disabled by injuries suffered during his career. the insurance company now crying foul after seeing him compete in a notoriously stressful reality show. abc's brian ross is back with that story. good morning to you, brian. >> the nfl could be one of the most dangerous workplaces in the country and,000s of former players are seeking workers' compensation payments like any other employee hurt on the job including one former player who collected big, but then turned up on national tv looking like tarzan. >> survivors, ready? go. >> reporter: millions of people watched as former football star brad culpepper in the red trunks with the white stripe led his team on this cbs program "survivor." >> culpeppers have dominated in this challenge. >> reporter: showing the same grit he once displayed on nfl game day. but also taking notice was the
7:42 am
insurance company that just two years earlier had paid him $175,000 in workers' compensation based on an 89% disability rating. >> going on "survivor," brian, that's a lot to deal with and the insurer is upset about it. >> reporter: and now culpepper, number 77 wants a ferocious defensive lineman in the nfl is being sued accused of fraud and deceit. >> turn on any game. it's a violent game. >> reporter: but culpepper is fighting back showing us x-rays and a fat file of medical reports that he says document his many injuries and impairments. >> i'm in pain and i -- i'm in pain every day but this is not a sympathy story. >> reporter: on the tape of that show you're very very active. >> i absolutely was. >> reporter: on suv culpepper repeatedly dives into the water, but the lawsuit says culpepper reported quite a bit of difficulty getting into or out of the bath and performing heavy activities around his home.
7:43 am
>> if you have a hard time getting in or out of a bath how are you able to dive into the water like that in "survivor"? >> you keep asking me this. i was on pain medication and i had back procedure right before that. >> reporter: culpepper is also seen hefting big crates but according to the lawsuit, he claims he can lift and carry heavy objects only if they are conveniently positioned. >> how many times are you going to -- because i'm on pain medication. >> reporter: then a clearly frustrated culpepper decided it was time for the tv interview version of a blitz tearing off his coat and tie and shirt and stripping down to his undershirt. this is a normal bicep. okay. how does that one look? okay. is that normal? that's not, okay. that causes me pain, okay there's people that miss an entire season because of a torn bicep. do you see this ac joint. that's bone. that's my clavicle okay. it's not over here.
7:44 am
it's here. that's permanent. >> reporter: the ultimate proof, he says that he is not a fraud. as the lawsuit and the front page headlines alleged. >> this i worked way too hard in my life to have this as a headline. culpepper fakes his injuries. can you fake that? >> culpepper says he's ready to face a jury and let them decide if the allegations of fraud have any merit. certainly no doubt from what he showed me he suffered serious jars in his football career. now on the defense after appearing on "survivor" as 89% disabled. >> i was banged up and beat up. you can take care of yourself and i know for me i don't have as much pain as a lot of others. i still have pain even though it looks like that i can't do just about anything you feel it. >> your little pinkie is all -- >> oh. >> hey. i can still pick up my coffee.
7:45 am
good morning, america. >> so no workers' compensation for michael. >> denied. all right, brian, thank you, michael, i think thank you. coming up -- >> i was asked. >> you were. actress melissa gilbert is opening up about a bold decision she made to remove her breast implants. this is an abc news exclusive. brazen dognapping. why hollywood stars are taking action to bring him home. bring the pooch back. family with a vacation they'll never forget. it's royal caribbean's vow to wow sale, and there's no better time than now, to book your vacation. book today and get 50 percent off your second guest... ...and more money to spend on board. i vow to break the ice with my father-in-law. i vow to fly like supermom. i vow to make vacation history. it's our richest offer of the year. royal caribbean's vow to wow sale. book now and get 50 percent off your second guest. call 1-800-royalcaribbean today.
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7:49 am
♪ been waiting for this all day. now to "the speed feed," amy's in the social square. amy. >> that's right. this little dog is now a huge presence on all the feeds, in fact charlie the maltese has become a bona fide celebrity after he was stolen in broad daylight. take a look. he's one of the beverly hills elite. >> every policeman in beverly hills know him. >> reporter: used to rubbing shoulders with celebrities like "glee's" lea michele but charlie the star of his own missing poster after a dramatic daylight dognapping wednesday. the whole thing caught on surveillance cam. watch as charlie walks down the treat followed by this woman and
7:50 am
child. seconds later the woman ee americans and walks off dog in her arms. >> i just want him back. >> reporter: charlie's owner offering a $5,000 reward for his safe return and pitching in along with the beverly hills p.d. a few of his famous friends like hilary duff posting charlie's picture to her instagram. the post already has over 70,000 likes. >> charlie is a staple here. everyone in beverly hills knows him. >> reporter: also joining the search beverly hills chihuahua star george lopez naturally. >> hilary duff has the -- one side of the town covered and george lopez, i thought i'd take the other. >> we don't have children yet so he's our child. >> reporter: cohen telling us she's hoping this a-list assist helps to bring her star home. >> we are not going to stop looking? >> julie hired a private detective and says if the woman behind the dognapping gives charlie to a friend and the
7:51 am
friend returns him she will still pay the $5,000 reward. that's how badly she wants him back. give him back. >> as a dog lover, that's a member of her family. you can see her pain? hopefully they find charlie coming up football 101. i'll tell you everything you need to know about the big game. coming up "good morning america's" "deals & steals" brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
0> reporter: hey, matt, i-95 is jammed in the usual places. later this evening i-95 will close as the president travels from the airport to society hill. if you're heading to the 7:00 p.m. flyers game that may be a mess. for now i-95 is not bad. we have a water main break creating icy conditions. chopper 6 was overhead cheltenham by the cheltenham elementary school.
7:57 am
ashbourn road is blocked between front and oak lane road. stick to tookany creek or cheltenham avenue. we have an accident on ac expressway westbound near winslow. it's jammed from past williams town to winslow. >> taking live look at philadelphia international. lots of shadows out there not doing much to raise the temperatures. >> reporter: it's cold, but not too windy. take a look at the numbers. allentown 6. lancaster, 9. reading up to 10 and 23 in philadelphia and 21 down the shore. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 35, clouds increasing later today and this evening, we could get a hit of snow that could bring a coating to an inch in and around philadelphia and bun to two in the suburbs and nothing but rain in the southern counties. tomorrow windy, 38 early but the temperatures plunge in the mid 20s by dinnertime.
7:58 am
11 overnight. saturday looks very cold. >> our free storm tracker 6 live app will help you watch the snow as the moves in later today and tracks temperatures by the hour. download it for apple and android devices.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and more than a thousand people being monitored for measles right now. new concerns about the virus spreading. what you need to know to keep your family safe. and actress melissa gilbert opens up about removing her breast implants revealing in an abc news exclusive how she felt about getting them in the first place. >> i don't regret that i had the surgery. i regret that i felt that i had to. ♪ i know -- magical make-unders. how you can make the hottest hollywood trend work for you. our glam squad sharing their secrets transforming women live ♪ how you like me now ♪ you're going to like this one. vine sensation jerome jarre here live. >> hello. good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> with more than 8 million followers he's revealing all the tips and tricks you need to become a social superstar. ♪ here we come ♪ kick off your super bowl celebration right now, everything you need to know to get ready for the big game michael is taking you to super school. all that and "how to get away with murder" star matt mcgorry here kicking off tgit on "gma" as we say -- >> good morning, america. your guns. ♪ finger guns. i haven't heard that. >> worldwide social media phenomenon. jerome jarre. he's a superstar on vine. millions follow him to see those six-second videos. >> what they're saying right now. those ugly selfies. take us through those with the audience right now. >> he's got that face down.
8:02 am
>> oh. >> oh, george. >> ugly. >> wow. >> eddie. >> jerome is the number one ranked snapchatter taking us over this morning. >> didn't see michael because he's working the xs and os. football 101, i as professor strahan will giver you the lesson you need if you don't want to admit you don't know anything about football you watch this. i got to get back to work. enough about me lara go ahead. >> thank you, professor. looking forward to that. also tory has some great valentine's day deals and steels more than 80% off. not a typo. >> can't wait for that. now news from amy. >> all right, george good morning, everyone. we begin with the expireing deadline from the terror group isis the lives of two hostages at stake. isis is demanding the government of jordan release a convicted female terrorist by sunset today to spare the life of a jordanian
8:03 am
pilot that's being held hostage. in exchange isis also says it will release a japanese journalist but before any swap is made jordan is demanding proof its pilot is alive and unharmed. we'll keep you posted on any updates. in the meantime, new details about the crash of airasia flight 8501. investigators now say the co-pile was flying the plane when it ran into severe weather. the first officer was not nearly as experienced at the captain who had ten times the amount of flying hours. the pilot reportedly then took the helm after the plane began to climb dangerously fast. it remains unclear whether human error or mechanical failure was to blame. meanwhile more than ten months after malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished without a trace the disappearance was officially declared an accident today. all 239 people on board are presumed dead. the search for the wreckage continues in the indian ocean but the announcement clears the way for compensation claims. back here in this country a
8:04 am
high-profile murder trial gets under way today. former new england patriots star aaron hernandez is charged with shooting his former friend who at the time was dating his fiancee's sister. the jury of 13 women and 5 men will hear opening statements today just as the defendant's former team makes final preparations for sunday's super bowl. and police in southern california are looking for this man caught on camera throwing something flammable into a mansion, seconds later thick smoke and heavy flames seen bursting out of the home. a young woman inside barely escaped in time. the fire causing nearly $1 million in damage. neighbors say the owners installed cameras after a dispute with a contractor. wild stunt at anything fall a famous canadian ice climber slowly descended over the iced over falls carefully making his way down with water rushing by him just a few feet away. all part of a promotion for an energy drink.
8:05 am
finally, a completely un unscientific super bowl prediction with a great track record. so pay attention here. three years ago, this porcupine named teddy bear because he's just so huggable chose strahan's giants over the patriots clearly preferring the corn in the giants jar. the next year he chose the rave i understand jar and last year you know teddy bear took seattle's jar and won big. this year, do you want to know what his prediction is? he is sticking with the seahawks. picking them as repeat champions so we will see if teddy bear can make it four in a row. >> i know it's going to be a good game. we know that for sure. teddy bear is great, though. other predictors like chuckles the camel. we have to weigh in with them as well. >> you and animals. i tell you what. health news now and the growing concern about that measles outbreak. one school in california is now taking extreme measures to protect its students from the disease and arizona monitoring a
8:06 am
large group of people right now. abc's dr. richard besser is here. pretty fascinating step by the riverside school in california. saying to students if you don't have the vaccine you can't come to school. >> that's right. they think there may have been an exposure to measles in that school and the thing about measles is it can take 21 days from the time you're exposed to when you get sick and you can spread the disease for four days before you show any symptoms. so if you didn't get the vaccine they want those kids to stay home until they're outside that window. >> in arizona a larger group, a thousand quarantined at home for similar reasons. >> measles, it's not like ebola where you need direct contact, this is the most con tables virus we know of a thousand people had some level of contact with someone who had measles so those not vaccinated they're telling them stay home until you're in the clear. >> it's getting serious out west. what's your recommendation. >> no one likes to give kids shot. i don't enjoy that as a pediatrician but this two
8:07 am
doses, 99% effective. check at your school to make sure they have good policies to make sure kids need to be vaccinated to come to school. >> vaccines are the answer. rich thanks very much. you can answer measles questions all morning long on twitter @drrichardbesser. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." big oscars announcement you'll only find out what this is right here and i promise you do not want to miss it. abc news exclusive with actress melissa gilbert opening up about her decision to remove her breast implants. and the secrets to one of hollywood's beauty trend, one woman getting a make-under right here live on "good morning america" with great tips on how you can do that at home. all that come on outside. can't wait for that by the way. ooh, thank you, fonzi. social media superstar jerome jarre coming up live on "good morning america." let's do it. let's do the selfie. >> okay. >> ready?
8:08 am
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8:13 am
nominated song -- i believe we have it ♪ miss you ♪ >> the song is "i'm not going to miss you" up for best original song from a documentary about campbell's final tour and his diagnosis with alzheimer's. mcgraw calls it a powerful song and one of the true legends of the music industry. we could not agree more. i dare say get your tissues ready. i am betting this won't be a dry eye in the house as you may have heard, the oscars airs february 22nd right here on abc. >> tim is going to bring it. he is perfect for this. >> powerful moment to be sure. also in "pop news" today, the baristas at starbucks may be notorious for spelling your name wrong but did you know they might be helping you out in a grande way? according to zillo talk the new real estate book houses near starbuckss appreciated 96% between 1996 and 2014 compared to houses that were further away. they only went up 65%.
8:14 am
obviously real estate a very good investment but 96%. therefore based on our "pop news" scientific investigation, the value -- there it is -- very scientific the value of your house goes up a lieutenant atte the closer you live to a starbucks. this is called the starbucks effect. we wonder fundamental it works for the apartments near the over 200 starbuckss on just about every corner here in new york city. >> kind of fit in "pop news" investigation. >> i will be investigating many different thing, some of which you know about which are ongoing investigations. >> i love your inspector's outfit. >> i'm investigating. >> cute. >> thag that's what i put on when i investigate. and then finally everybody, in "pop news" today, not popping it off, robin, just telling you, jeff bridges wants to lull you to sleep. the oscar winner and recording artist came out with a new album of sleeping tapes. this mix includes the actor's voice over sounds and
8:15 am
recordings. here's what jeff has to say about it. >> i lofve listening to intriguing sounds when i drift off into my dreams. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> yeah jeff bridges. >> from the big lebowski. >> like he's trying to beat out matthew mckonconaugheycconaughey. >> studies show a slow tempo and low toned sound can help slow down your heartbeat, put you into a trance-like state and they're so effective he admitted he fell asleep while recording them. they're that good. >> i'm afraid i would start laughing and not being able to sleep. >> i'm actually really excited. i love his voice. i'm a huge fan of his work and i'm going to --
8:16 am
>> i'm going to try it. >> we will do about anything for sleep. jeff bridges, thank you. >> we have a small table here. >> robin. >> i'm done. we'll show you guys. >> we will show you. >> lara, i mean you just have kicked it up a notch. >> thank you. >> pop it off. >> the low -- >> investigates. >> put on my little hat. >> don't forget your monmonacle. >> "pop news" investigates. we are so happy out here. really we're just trying to to stay warm. where are you from? >> from orlando. >> orlando. she said this is my kids my husband. so you ran away. >> i ran away. >> well this morning
8:17 am
clipper system will bring light snow to parts of the northeast today and tomorrow. heavier near the canadian border. >> reporter: all right ginger, thank you, david murphy here. nothing on storm tracker 6 live hd double scan. as we look outside we have sunshine over the airport. clouds to the west getting closer later this morning. temperatures cold right now. 35 is the high. sun giving way to increasing clouds and this evening, we'll get the light snow ginger mentioned. about a coating to an inch in philadelphia and a couple of inches up north. 38 temperatures dropping tomorrow afternoon. nd. it's that cold, guys. george. >> get inside ginger. now we have the "heat index." melissa gilbert opening up about her decision to remove the breast implants she got in her
8:18 am
20s. juju chang sat down for an exclusive interview. >> reporter: it's got to be a sign of the times that it seems radical to opt for natural breasts but she is so candid about her life's ups and downs and she's happy in her third marriage so she had no idea she'd get such a massive reaction for confessing to undoing her plastic surgery. >> melissa. >> reporter: melissa gilbert is used to the spotlight. literally growing up in front of america's eyes playing laura ingalls wilder from the age of 10 to 20 on "little house on the prairie." even serving as president of the screen arcs guild. but now the 50-year-old gilbert making headlines with the highly personal blog about opting to remove her breast implants. earlier this month. >> ushl a double d. >> can you believe this? >> what are you now? >> b. just an average b. not a big b. >> reporter: for 20 years she says she had implants saline then silicone but insecurity
8:19 am
over her physical appearance set in long before she underwent any operations. >> i was a late bloomer. i developed later than everybody else and even on "little house on the prairie" the last couple of years i was playing the adult version of laura ingalls wilder so just an assumption it was time to wear a padded bra and an a cup was not enough hi to be a b. >> laura ingalls was wearing a padded bra. >> this laura ingalls and i was 16. so you imagine the message in my head is like okay well these are not right. >> reporter: making matters tougher during those "little house" years watching her on screen nemesis alison who played nelly olson developing while she wasn't. >> i was a double a cup. they didn't make training bras. there was nothing to train, right? and she comes in you know at -- a year older than me and she's wearing bras. >> legit bras. the decision to remove the implants gilbert says all came
8:20 am
down to health. >> i have disc issues in my neck and no pulling on my shoulders and all the pain in my neck has completely disappeared. >> reporter: standing by her decision her husband fellow tv veteran timothy busfield of "30 something fame." >> my husband has been so supportive and sweet about this whole volunteer he. he said do it go. now he seems perfectly happy. >> gilbert says she's not against breast implants but hopes women considering the procedure have all the facts before going under the knife. >> the one thing that the medical community will admit to is that breast implants will not last forever in your body and have to be replaced. >> there's an expiration date. >> when you're getting the implants you're making a commitment not just to that x-rays but every 10 to 15 years. i don't regret i had the surgery. i regret that i felt that i had to. >> and you know the reversal surgery is one she had to shop
8:21 am
around for. one plastic surgeon told her it would take nine hours of anesthesia and $38,000 but says she wound up with a two-hour surge are i that cost much much less. we he can joed this was like the opposite of a mid-life crisis. >> she's accepting a good message. >> i agree. >> thank you, juju and melissa gilbert will return when "secrets and lies" premieres on abc. >> we have football 101. for those of us who think a touchdown is when a plane is landing and the tight end is what you get when you work out a lot, football can be challenging. >> i actually did know both of those. >> oh yeah however, if you are baffled by the game, you're not alone. >> all right. here we go. >> hit the net. >> we all know i can kick. and kind of talk football. >> listen this means draft picks. serious business. >> it is serious business that to some is more like a second
8:22 am
language. >> illegal formation. pass interference. just ask phoebe from "friends." >> joey is going to camp it and you and i are going to block go what's block? >> up into the air. >> reporter: many still scratching their heads after this game-changing moment during the seahawks big win last week. >> because the onside kick hits the ground you can't ask for the fair catch. you got to field it. >> even our own dan harris not exactly bursting with nfl know-how. >> not because you don't know what football is. that's different. >> is this the one with the home runs or -- >> close. you're getting warmer. >> reporter: most of us know a touchdown is six points. but what's a bootleg? well if you want to impress your friend it's when the quarterback pretends to give the ball to a teammate then moves in the opposite direction for a pass or a run of his own. with so many americans expected at super bowl watching parties this weekend looking like we know what we're talking about is
8:23 am
something all of us might need just a little bit of work on. do you know the team that plays -- >> the patriots. i grew up in boston. >> the quarterback is? >> the quarterback is -- rob marciano time for the weather. >> tom brady. >> how are you doing, man? >> all right. dan harris has proven that we need a football school and michael football school did in session. >> yay. >> here we go. if you don't know what to say during a game with a lot of people have that problem, here are five things that will make people think know what you're talking about. >> yes. draft pick. >> we haven't drafted yet. you threw that out there. you didn't know what you were talking about but made sense to me. that's what this is about. this is about jaws throwing some things out there no matter what point of the game and people will say, they know what they're talking about. i will give you some terps. tell me what you think they mean. the first is holding. >> when you hold someone who is trying to run. >> hugging. >> that's hugging.
8:24 am
>> that's hugging. >> something for affection or that's a tackle. >> holding the line. >> holding the line. >> no holding -- what do you do in holding? if anybody happens against your team say the other team scores a big play you say that should have been holding. it means the other team is grabbing your guy. >> nice. >> impeding their progress. >> impeding. >> so just yell holding. always holding on never play. you can never go wrong with that. >> the hugging was nice. >> i prefer the hugging. a lot more tender. number two, oh you know -- i know all about sacks. >> you sack the -- >> you're an expert. you sack the quarterback before he throws the ball. behind the line of scrimmage. that's always important. >> number three, fleaflicker. >> does that have anything to do with flea markets? >> no it means go wash your dog. your dog has fleas. when a quarterback has the ball hands it to the running back and throws it back to the
8:25 am
quarterback and throws it down the field. if a play doesn't do a play well just say fleaflicker. >> interference. >> happens all the time. >> just say interference. that means they impeded on your guy. the last one is blitz. >> what people are going to get. >> you've got it. forget about this, everybody. blitz is, have fun, everybody. it's the super bowl. that's the blitz we should be having. i asked my followers to send questions. how do i reap -- how did i prepare for the super bowl? i slept at least eight hours. that was it. [ applause ] >> all right. >> here we are, school is out of session. >> i'm so sorry. is school not out? to ginger with tory with "deals & steals." thank you, teacher. >> i learned so much. i love that. and love and romantic "deals & steals," now valentine's day, tory johnson. >> that's right. here we go. two deals for you right now,
8:26 am
first up from yetty housewares. gorgeous porcelain piece, there's all kinds of cake stand, teapots, teacuts. tea sets you know it. big assortment normally starting at $40 slashed in half so just $20 to $35 and second bonus deal from kings of coal these angel wing t-shirts. normally starting big bucks, these are slashed by 81%. 20 to $4 all the links and codes and six fabulous deals coming up on on yahoo! >> we'll be right back. "good morning america's" "deals & steals" is brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back.
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>> an overnight blaze in south philadelphia killed a man and a woman both in their 60s. the fire broke out on daily street. the police officer was trying to save those inside. firefighters say the home did not have working smoke detecter also. we'll have more on "action news" at noon. 8:27 let's check traffic with karen rogers. >> reporter: matt, we have an accident in camden, a vehicle is blocking the left lane on 676 northbound near mlk boulevard. expect delays. we see police, actually looks like a tow truck penndot on the scene with this, as well. let's go to trenton, 29 northbound at calhoun street an accident blocking the left lane.
8:28 am
a vehicle struck a wall, jacksonville jobs town road at 206. the accident we had on the ac expressway cleared we went from 14 to 51 miles per hour. hearment teeth chattering from in here. good morning, david murphy. >> reporter: right now we have bone chilling temperatures. 23 in philadelphia. allentown, 6 degrees, 1 in trenton. ten in reading 20 in wilmington. 14 in millville. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows you a high of 35 today sun and clouds. this evening, there will be light snow popping through. probably about a coating to an inch in philadelphia. maybe a bit more in the northern suburbs. mainly rain down south. tomorrow windy flurries, 38 early. temperatures plunge in the afternoon, it's cold colder on saturday, high of 26. could have snow sunday into monday. >> we have posted david's
8:29 am
accuweather maps indicating how much snow we'll get later today and where on # #
8:30 am
♪ so wake me up ♪ ♪ when it's all over ♪ everybody in the control room as we say good morning, america. 8:30 a.m. a lot of fun and more information to get to including our big -- there it is -- make-under. i never heard of this before but it's the secrets to one of hollywood's hottest beauty trends right now. >> yeah i think the idea there is less is more. >> to get people to think you're not wearing makeup. >> you all look great. we have even more romantic "deals & steals" coming up. >> tory has that. and one of the stars there, matt mcgorry of "how to get away with murder". there he is in the social square right now at the twitter mirror and he's going to dish a little bit on tonight's premiere tgit is back. >> good morning, everyone. so excited for the return of tgit. also very excited right now for the king of vine jerome jarre
8:31 am
right here in times square so many thrilled fans outside with him. we're going to tuque to him live in just a moment. >> of course over to robin. >> you know i feel like i'm at the beach. you know the beach ball smell. oh. one can dream. all about the love though this morning, tory is back with more valentine's day deals & steals. i know you're on our website on yahoo! poised and ready for these really big bargains. >> yeah. so this is the big love ball. you get it the big love ball the biggest size it comes in. it comes in three different sizes, what's also fun once you blow it up you can use a sharpie and write a big message guaranteed to spread the love. come on everyone is smiling around here right? really really fun deal. normally starting at $20, all slashed in half so the biggest -- the tiniest one is $10 and goes up to $42.50. >> so now let's get behind the hearts. a great savings. >> i can't wait for people to see this. >> these are stunning.
8:32 am
you and i love amelia rose but this is the first time we're introducing the paris collection gorgeous center stone surrounded by pave crystals. a lot of different stones to choose from and three different metals to choose from, gold plated silver black plated silver. they all come in a gorgeous gift box so they'll be ready. really amazing deal on these. normally these range from starting at $119 slashed by 67%, today only $39 and free shipping from amelia rose, $39. >> a good one. staying in that vein. a little something special. this is the danielle stevens specifically memorable date inland. we can see this little one right here 9/20/12 >> that's when i had my bone marrow transplant. my new birth date. >> so we got that for you. >> you can choose from either sterling silver or gold --
8:33 am
>> thank you. >> i happen to love these starting at $135 these are slashed by at least 65% so really just 39 to $59 and free shipping from danielle stevens too. >> just when i think you can't surprise me. you do it again. >> next up sissy yates designs a "gma" favorite. little leather braislets with a beautiful little heart slide-on charm. simple and adjustable. a great classon the back a variety of different colors i think these are fun to give to one another. treat yourself quite frankly, every day should be valentine's day. normally $62, big discount $20. >> you really are getting good deals. >> super fun. these are a.g. socks from robert kardashian big, huge assortment to choose from.
8:34 am
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8:35 am
shipping. 20 bucks for that box of custom m&ms. you are great, thank you as always tory. you can get these and we thank the companies for providing these great great deals and we have the links and codes for all of the deals you've seen in this morning's show plus three bonus offers all at on yahoo! >> thank you. >> thanks robin. great deals there and, hey, if you had six seconds what kind of story would you tell? well this gentleman, jerome jarre -- >> hello. >> has become the king of vine by creating funny videos full of so much positivity. helped him rack up over 14 million followers worldwide. we're going to talk to jerome in just a moment but haines haines with his inspiring story. >> reporter: meet jerome jarre. >> ooh-la-la. >> the 4-year-old social media star mastering the six-second video. grabbing over 8 million followers on vine and counting. >> high-five.
8:36 am
>> the superstar originally born in france embraces his heritage. >> deodorant. >> and is especially known for how he refers to his best friend. >> qui-rell. >> his signature smile and love for life. making him one of the most recognizable stars on the street. >> oh my god. you're the vine guy. no way. >> he's just always always positive. he responds to kids who they will them they're his fans and friends. it's all smile, all funny and kids just really, really appreciate it. >> he certainly isn't shy. never afraid to lay his special kind of charm on anyone. >> oh god. >> even a stranger. >> i do. >> she said yes. >> man and wife. >> my little macaroon. >> celebs on the red carpet. >> do you want to build a snowman. >> or queen bey herself. >> this second-second star can
8:37 am
make anyone happy. >> are you happy? >> sara haines, abc news, new york. >> look at the access you have gotten and two years since the first vine happened and you were practically homeless at that time. >> yeah, i came to new york with $400 a year and a half ago but told myself vine would be my chance and i did -- i just make -- made the videos and everything followed. >> and every time i watch one of those, i smile. it's impossible not to. it's all about positivity. >> i think when you create content, when people watch content, it turns into thoughts in their heads and make sure it's positive thoughts. that's why i tell people not to watch the news because it's so negative all the time. you need to fulfill yourself with positivity. >> also about sharing that message, a personal experience you went through being bullied and being there for so many others who have been through the same experience.
8:38 am
>> so many kids being bullied. so i'm just -- with the phone it's so personal i really try to talk with my soul and just -- i just show that if i can be fearless in the street and go talk to strangers and do things people are afraid that means you can do it too. they don't have to be afraid. being fearless is a key because it opens up possibilities in your life. >> endless possibilities and you have 14 million people who believe in your message so much. you don't call them followers, you call them friends. >> i think with the world friends is -- you have fan. we're all so same level. we are friends, walking together. towards this goal of being happy and growing and finding our purpose. >> i can't stop smiling just talking to you. you have a wonderful aura. i want to share with you some of the questions from your vine friends. >> oh awesome. >> from katie diaz. let's take a look. >> hi jerome.
8:39 am
do you think you've found your life's purpose? >> oh it's awesome. it's because i always talk on my napchat about purpose. that's the most important question in your life. what is your purpose? that is a question which you always ask when you meet somebody and i didn't have a purpose before. i didn't know my purpose but all these social e. peerpts and connecting with all those people are helping me create one for me. now my purpose is to have them create their purpose. >> love it. jerome jarre -- >> what's your purpose. >> i guess spreading the message of positivity as well and nice to talk to you. it's a pleasure to meet you. continued success. >> thank you. >> you got to meet him, ink goer. he's a wonderful guy and a check on the weather. >> he seems that way. we're all watching jerome. you wanted to say hello to him. >> hi jerome. >> we're making a vine. >> we're making a vine right here. >> your name. >>
8:40 am
we're talking about the tropical moisture looming. winter storm warnings going into effect. look for that in higher elevations. that's the big picture. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, nothing showing on storm tracker 6 live double scan. as we look outside we have cold conditions 35 degrees, sun to clouds, light snow, about a coating to an inch in philadelphia, a bit more up north. campbell's sent over this cart. thank you for those. hearty chicken pot pie soup perfect for when the family and friends watch the big game. go ahead and taste it. give me a little taste.
8:41 am
mm-mm. it's creamy delicious. all right, lara. i'll bring you in some. >> thank you so much. coming up the reveal of "gma's" make-under. we'll show you how to pull off one of hollywood's hottest trends and one more ugly selfie. can we get it in?
8:42 am
8:43 am
tt2wút3nú!d! bt@qv+( tt2wút3nú!d! "a@qf'l tt2wút3nú!d! bm@qm,@ tt4wút3nú!d!" dztq )
8:44 am
♪ well less is more on the red carpet these days. many actresses and models are going for the more natural look by toning the makeup done. we've been doing the same for one lucky woman and reveal her "gma" make-under but first abbie boudreau with some of the secrets to pulling off this look. ♪ >> reporter: it's the hottest trend turning heads in hollywood. a-list stars toning down the glam for gritty movie roles like jennifer aniston's natural look in "cake." >> will you get me something other than marry. i have problems with anything religious. >> reporter: to a rugged reese witherspoon in "wild". even a fresh-faced julianne moore and lady gaga demi lovato
8:45 am
and it supermodel cara de levine on instagram. >> we have some celebs and looks like they have zero makeup on. >> there's a secret to looking like have you no makeup on. >> reporter: i was hoping for a little help from amanda jacobellis owner of makeup mandy in west hollywood. so what's that secret? >> the secret is lip, lashes and lift. >> reporter: but first. >> we'll take a little of this off. >> start with a fresh face then on to the lift. a contoured cheekbone and chiseled chin with just a quick brush of bronzer. >> great down here. that's going to bring out that cheekbone and lift the face. >> reporter: next the lash. >> never see a celebrity without some type of lash. >> reporter: these will give you a bright-eyed look. what a difference and finally the lip. >> a little color to the lips without looking made up. the shine in just the center of the lip which will give more of
8:46 am
a pout. an easy make-under in just a few minutes. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau abc news, los angeles. >> abbie looks fantastic and i believe we have a fantastic reveal coming up right now celebrity makeup artist mally roncal has been working with madison all morning long and see what she looked like when she first arrived this morning. had lots of makeup on. madison, are you ready? >> i am. >> here we go. skus us. here you go. >> wow! >> wow. whoo. >> i love it. >> i was going to ask you what do you think. >> it's so fresh. >> it looks great. tell us how you did it. >> first of all we stripped all that off and we really want to focus on a couple of things. her brows were so dark. she's got amazing brows. doesn't need all that stuff and did a little highlight. a little lift. filled them in but not all that black stuff. also the bronzer. i know we all go cray-cray over bronzer and use imlike
8:47 am
wall-to-wall carpeting. i use it as a nice contour we were talking about so around the perimeter of the face and the hollows of the cheeks and warms it up but the eyeliner is the big thing. everybody loves the eyeliner and so black and so thick and it makes your eyes look like two beady holes in a bed sheet. >> her eyes look so much bigger. >> exactly. >> you bury it deep within the lashes and she's so young so use a color, use plum use green, something fun and adds to the look. >> mally, fantastic. do you think you can do this at home. >> definitely. >> are you going to change the eyeliner. >> and the colors are soft. >> everything is just softer. she's young, beautiful. it's amazing and it's really easy. >> all right, mally and madison, you look beautiful. great job. >> thank you, momma. thank you. >> appreciate it. coming up, "how to get away with murder" star matt mcgorry here live. stay with us.
8:48 am
narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees.
8:49 am
internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii. ♪ tgit is back and that means
8:50 am
brand-new episodes of "how to get away with murder," one of the show's stars matt mcgorry here but first let's take a sneak peek at tonight's episode. >> my condolences for your husband, annalise. he's been gone how long 15 hours. >> you think this is a game. >> i think you don't like your odds and this is how badly you need to win even if means throwing your own husband under the bus. why did he finally tell you he was leaving you. this version of a woman scorned. >> i just found out my husband was sleeping with a young woman killed and you have the audacity to mock me. get out now or i'll throw you out. >> torques it up right away. >> she sure does 0 to 60. >> you kept everybody waiting for ten weeks. give us a little bit. >> we get to find out where annalise was and how her whole involvement in terms of you know sam keating, you know the don't be the famous line from the end of that. we get a little more context and
8:51 am
find out the role she played. >> viola, seems like this character was made for her. she has completely owned it. must be a thrill working with her. >> we all -- everyone knows how wonderful an actress viola is. she's just one of the most down to earth and funny people and i think we always have a great time around craft services just eating doughnuts together and hanging out. really cool person. >> you can be nice around craft services but your character, asher, kind of a jerk. >> he's kind of a jerk but he's like a jerk with a heart of gold, i like to say. one of the only characters that's not a liar if you think about it. like he's very up front -- >> about his ambitions. >> and jerkiness but very much he is who he says he is. >> you are on "orange is the new black." you guys won that big s.a.g. comedy ensemble. >> thanks so much. >> your character, a nice guy. >> he is he is. >> very unnice place. >> he is and i feel very fortunate to get to show two very different things so sort of
8:52 am
early on in my career and concurrently but, yeah i like to think that maybe asher has a little bit of bennett deep down inside him. >> that's what -- very well very well hidden. >> very well hidden. just shoveled on top of jerkiness. >> you have to tell us more about your story. i got video here of just a few years ago, you're writing for "men's fitness" magazine. a power lifter. there you are right there in pretty great shape and now all of a sudden you're starring in two of the biggest shows on television. what is that like to have all that happen so fast? >> it's -- it's been really quite incredible. you know i studied acting from an earlier age and went to laguardia high school the famed cool and went to theater majored in theater in college, as well but it wasn't -- it really took all my effort and focus to do training and bodybuilding and power lifting and had to make a decision to put the focus on acting and put everything in that and i guess something comes along and you know "orange is the new black" came along, the audition for that and sort of under the radar at the time and they took a risk and things sort
8:53 am
of started to build from there, you know. and it's just been a pretty wonderful ride for the last year and a half. >> hope you're enjoying it. matt thanks for coming in today. "how to get away with murder" returns tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here an abc and i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
8:54 am
8:55 am
thank you. happy valentine's day. i love you. uh, i mean thank you. you're welcome. share the love with dunkin's heart-shaped donuts. indulge in cookie dough or brownie batter today. america runs on dunkin'.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by quaker. quaker up. >> amy is out of here. she's gone on the way to the super bowl. >> she knows the terps now. >> exactly. >> maybe. and we have our super bowl party blow-out with emeril tomorrow as well. >> have a great day, everyone. >> president obama will visit philadelphia this evening. he will attend a house democratic caucus retreat at the
8:57 am
sheridan society hill hotel. it's a chance to lure the democratic national convention. vice president joe biden will attend the meeting tomorrow. here's karen rogers with a look at traffic. >> reporter: when the president is in town, i-95 may be closed in philadelphia around 6:30 and 8:30. this is the schuylkill expressway eastbound heading toward center city. the left lane is blocked. we're jammed from the blue route to the boulevard eastbound on the schuylkill expressway. 332 at summit trace road we have an accident blocking two left lanes in trenton on 295. an accident has cleared but the one on the turnpike southbound approaching exit 75 jackknifeed tractor-trailer blocking the two left lanes. >> let's go outside to david murphy.
8:58 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt, we have sunshine temperatures in the low 20s and single digits in spots. today's high, 35. sun and clouds. we'll have a quick brushing of snow that could put down an inch in philadelphia. in the northern suburbs more than that. in the south rain. temperatures plunge to the mid 20s overnight and that leaves us with a cold saturday. sunday night into monday there's the possibility of snow. we're watching it. >> coming up on "action news" at noon, the latest on a deadly fire in southwest philadelphia. viola davis is next on "live" with kelly and michael. remember tonight how to get away with murder on 6abc. i'm matt o'donnell have a great thursday.
8:59 am
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announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the series "scandal," tony goldwyn. and from "downton abbey," joanne froggatt. plus the newly crowned miss universe 2015, paulina vega. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]


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